Fr. Rathan Almeida, OCD
Director and Programme 

Fr. Augustine Robert, OCD
Dean of Studies

Fr. Rakesh Parmar, OCD



The purpose of this Diploma course is to empower the religious women to be integrated and resourceful to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. Here they equip themselves with holistic programme especially for the spiritual, intellectual and cultural formation on par with the catholic theological seminaries.

Hence we regard the success of the course precisely in the integral maturity and capacity to greater love arrived at by the religious concerned and not merely in their capacity to memorize and reproduce the studied material verbatim.

In view of that we have a comprehensive programme of evaluation during the academic year with a maximum aggregate of 400 points. These should benefit the students to apply their mind to study with the seriousness it deserves. This assessment is applicable only to the Dhyanavana module.

  1. On each Friday, the students will evaluate each course as for the comprehensiveness of the content, its utility to life questions and the pedagogy of presentation employed by the professor. The wise evaluation by the students will surely be taken into account in renewing the contract with the professor concerned. On the other hand the teaching staff too will have internal assessment of the students as to their diligence in studies as well as interest and pro-active participation in the whole Programme. It will carry 100 marks.

  2. A Written Synthesis of each subject dealt: This assignment is done in the group, by enriching the class notes and discussing on the topics given, during the Vth hour on all working days. The consolidated summary shall be submitted to the dean on the day after the conclusion of respective course. It will carry a Maximum of 100 marks.

  3. Every Saturday there will be a written exam on the topics covered in the week and discussed/studied in the groups, to assess the individual participation and grasp of the subject. The answer book will be evaluated by the respective staff or any other competent staff assigned by the director. Maximum marks 100.

  4. In order to promote serious reading and also learn to make a serious contribution to the topics of interest, the Diploma students are to select a theme and develop it with the scientific methodology of research Paper under the guidance of a Moderator/Professor. The dissertation should be of 20-35 typed A4 size pages with approximately 400 words in each page. It will carry a maximum of 100 Marks.

  5. The Grades: Distinction: 80 and above; first Class: 70-79; Second Class: 60-69; Pass Class: 50-59. Those who do not obtain 50% marks will have to appear for a special exam conducted by the director.

  6. When a student completes this annual course fulfilling all academic formalities, she will be awarded a Diploma issued in the name of the Pontifical University of Spirituality Teresianum (Rome). The subjects covered here will be counted as credits for those specializing in spirituality at the graduate level in any Catholic faculty throughout the world.

  7. Those who absent themselves from any four courses of the diploma programme, for any reason, will not qualify for the Diploma. They will be issued a certificate if they have complied with the other requirements of the institute for the certificate course.

  8. Those who opt for Certificate course module at Dhyanavana have to get an NOC from their major superiors. They will be exempted only from Dissertation and weekly exam. However they will have to write 6 book reviews in spirituality, in specific intervals.

  9. Those coming in for a shorter duration of less than three months or as guest attendance will be issued only a marks card, on request, if they have withstood the exams.


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