Rev. Fr. Dominic Vas, OCD
Director and Programme Coordinator

Fr. Rathan Almeida, OCD
Dean of Studies

Fr. Arun Bennis, OCD


About Dhyanavana

A Historical Note About DHYANAVANA
The Church in India today is buoyant with life and vibrant with activity. The presence of so many young men and women accepting God’s call to be consecrated priests and committed religious is a sure sign of its vitality. The world today is eagerly looking for authentic paradigms of Christian holiness, and the universal Church today depends someway on the Indian Church for convinced, qualified and committed religious for witnessing and furthering of Christ’s worldwide mission.

The need of the hour, then, is to empower our religious in their spiritual life, complementing and building upon what they have received in their formation. They must be able to face the onslaught of the globalization of standards, the secularization of culture, manipulation of religions, exaltation of individual liberty, irrelevancy of institutions, consumerism as happiness and hedonistic body culture as an immediate goal of life. Only then will their life become a harmonious blend of the human, Christian and the spiritual elements. Only such an integrated person can find enough courage to live the demands of the religious commitment today and be effective in the ministry, while at the same time finding personal meaning and fulfillment.

Keeping this in mind, and being true to our calling in the Church to live and promote authentic Christian holiness, as well as inheriting the rich spiritual heritage from St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and St. Thérèse of Lisieux, we the Carmelites of the West-Indian Province, since 1994, have been offering this possibility for the Indian Church at our Dhyanavana International Institute of Spirituality in Mysore. Ever since, Dhyanavana has been hosting many of long and short-term courses, retreats, seminars, etc. for priests, religious and the laity.

Dhyanavana is recognized by Teresianum, the Pontifical Faculty of Spirituality, Rome, and is administered by a team consisting of three members namely: Director, Administrator and Dean. Besides, there are on the faculty over forty highly qualified and experienced professors.

Dhyanavana, which in Sanskrit means a ‘meditation-garden’ or better ‘the context of God experience’, is esthetically and artistically designed to offer a healthy atmosphere and conducive facilities for the spiritual formation and renewal programme. Since 1997, this institute has been conducting the long-term diploma course of nine-months and other short-term courses throughout the year, attended so far by over 5000 religious men and women from India and abroad.

Access to Dhyanavana:
Dhyanavana is right within the city of Mysore. It is situated in R.S. Naidu Nagar in III stage of Kesare beyond Rajendra Nagar and is about 5 kilometers from the suburban bus-stand and from the railway station. It is easily accessible as it almost touches the ring road on the northeastern side of the city, close to Bangalore gate, immediately next to the famous shrine of Infant Jesus at Pushpa Ashram. The numbers of bus routes by which Dhya navana is accessible are 178, 178A, 178B, 178C, 178D, T3. These busses start from the city bus-stand and pass by the sub-urban bus-stand on their way to Dhyanavana. There are buses also from the railway station to city bus-stand. Arrivals from Bangalore by road may alight at the ‘Columbia Asia Hospital’ (Ring Road), which is about a kilometer from Dhyanavana.

DHYANAVANA, INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SPIRITUALITY (Affiliated to the Pontifical Institute of Spirituality ‘Teresianum’, Rome)

Address: Rev. Dr. Dominic Vas OCD, Director DHYANAVANA, R.S. Naidu Nagar, Mysore - 570 007, Karnataka State, India
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