Rev. Fr. Dominic Vas, OCD
Director and Programme Coordinator

Fr. Rathan Almeida, OCD
Dean of Studies

Fr. Arun Bennis, OCD


For the Nine-Month Diploma Course

The Academic Programme of the International Institute of Christian Spirituality – Dhyanavana, is intended and geared to give the student a panoramic view of the curriculum of formation developed by the Institute. The topics and themes dealt-with in this institute are well thought out to give a comprehensive and intense encounter with all the fields of knowledge required for a consecrated person taking into account the challenges of our times. It also enables the student to participate with clarity in the mainstream spiritual reflection, enrich for one’s own life and calibrate for future ministry. The activities of this intensive diploma course are twofold, namely:

1. Academic:
Consisting of series lectures by experts in the field, workshops, seminars, written articles, dissertations, book reviews and academic valuation of progress in terms of exams – oral or written, or presentation of papers.

2. Non-academic:
Consists of actual live-in experience of community life, regular personal growth assessment, varieties of prayer methods, counseling and spiritual direction, annual retreat, monthly recollection, regular celebration of Eucharist and penance, organized community recreations, promotion of writing and artistic skills, involvement in sports and games, cultural exposures and relaxation.

Academic Programme in Outline:
The Academic Programme responds to the holistic perspective of a consecrated religious today: namely, the Human, the Christian, the Religious and the Apostolic. The harmonious integration of all these aspects leads one to an authentic commitment to the Gospel.

1. Formation to Integral Human Maturity – 140 working hours
2. Comprehensive Biblical Spirituality – 270 WH
3. Spiritual life in Theology – 240 WH
4. Christian Spiritual Heritage – 150 WH
5. Comparative Spirituality – 120 WH
6. New Trends in Spirituality – 90 WH
7. Social Concerns & Apostolic Orientations – 90 WH
8. Co-curricular formative Programme – non-formal
9. Non-academic animation programmes

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