Rev. Fr. Dominic Vas, OCD
Director and Programme Coordinator

Fr. Rathan Almeida, OCD
Dean of Studies

Fr. Arun Bennis, OCD


Seminar on “Collegio De Christo”

November 16: Carmelite family of Mysore organized a seminar on “Collegio De Christo” in Pushpashrama premises under the able leadership of Rev. Fr. Dominic Vas. The resources persons of the seminar were Rev. Fr. Alfred Menezes and Jevan Tauro. Seminar began at 9:30 with registration and refreshments. At 10:00 a.m the seminar began with invoking blessings on seminar and on each one, followed by warm words of welcome by Rev. Fr. Dominic. Then Rev. Fr. Alfred dealt on the theme “Colegio De Christo”. Colegio de Christo means school of Christ. He began his talk by referring to gospel text of Lk 6:12-37. This passage refers to the prayer of Jesus before choosing his disciples whom he also named apostles. Then he explained about the scenario of incarnation convent and the reasons for renewal. St. Teresa’s vision of Colegio de Christo was to resemble the band of apostle along with Jesus so she recommended the ideal number of a community would be thirteen. Then he explained about Teresa’s vision of reformed Carmel and how she accomplished her vision in the company of Jesus the Lord.

In the noon session Rev. Fr. Jeevan expounded his knowledge of St. Teresa on community living. He explained St. Teresa’s idea of Gospel community, for her a community should be in Christ, through Christ and for Christ so Christ is the centre of the community. In her book of way of perfection she speaks of how to build the community. For her Carmel is the school of Christ, Carmel is the apostolic school, Carmel is home in Bethany Christ is the Lord of the House and Carmel is the house of Martha means to say mixture of persons, Jesus is the guest. According to her, the members of the community are chosen by God to discover his plan for ourselves and for the community and for the salvation for the world. Seminar concluded at 4:00 o’clock by glorifying the Trinity.

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