Fr. Rathan
Almeida, OCD
Director and Programme 

Fr. Augustine Robert, OCD
Dean of Studies

Fr. Dolphy D'Souza, OCD


The Diploma programme Specifics

Dhyanavana offers a quality diploma programme in Spirituality. Those who successfully complete the programme will be awarded the Diploma on the convocation day. In general, punctual and regular attendance to all obligatory and supplementary courses as well as proactive and involved participation in all other spiritual, formative and socio-cultural programmes is a basic requirement.

In addition the following modules are specified:

The research Paper:
The diploma students under the guidance of a member of the Faculty will choose a relevant theme and on approval, produce a research paper as per the specifications of the faculty and submit it within the stipulated research methodology, time and format. This too is an essential part of the requirements for the diploma. The defaulters will be eligible only for a certificate. However the Internet downloaded material shall not be used verbatim. The research paper will be published in print or in electronic media or any other way only with the prior written permission of the director of Dhyanavana.

The Annual Seminar:
The institute will hold a research seminar each year inviting eminent experts to deal on a topic that is current and useful for the students in order to expose them to the new currents in spirituality and eminent thinkers of the day.

The Annual Study Tour:
Given the multi-religious context of the world today, it shall be a regular feature in the institute to give opportunity for the students to have a firsthand contact with exponents and cultic structures of other Indian religious traditions. This exposure is intended to avoid prejudices and know the phenomenon of inter-culturality more objectively so as to appreciate the similarities and discern also the fundamental uniqueness of one’s own faith.

In addition, on request, there may be also an organized visit to Christian Holy Places. This however is optional and the expenses shall be borne by the students.

The Annual Souvenir:
Among many other programmes for talent development Dhyanavana encourages the students to bring out an annual souvenir. This annual entirely is a student initiative, evolved and produced by the students. It is meant as an opportunity for the students to learn the skills of creative reflection, artistic productions and intellectual output. It helps them to innovate and enter deeper into the fields of social opinion making by contributing to the knowledge and decision making process. It also serves as a record of their year-long communion and faith journey together. It will be realized and supported by raising donations and advertisements.

The Monthly Symposium:
In order to provoke and promote proactive thinking process on various current topics that concern the consecrated life, Christian holiness and contemporary social and moral trends the students are required to prepare and present theme papers and engage in guided debate. This will enable them to develop a critical attitude to the surrounding concerns and develop a balanced and creative response to them.

Creative Reading of the Charism:
Innovation and creativity is the hallmark of education even in the spiritual field. The diploma students are required to enact a creative reading of their charism so as to provoke in depth reflection for the specific apostolates to bloom creatively anew in our times.

Group Leadership:
The challenge to Christian life today is from an exaggerated concept of individual rights. The vibrant community life is the biggest challenge for the consecrated life tomorrow. The diploma participants are introduced to leadership, community building skills and administrative roles by roster by being involved in leading the group for a time and by hands on method and thus learn to face the challenges and pick up the skills of promoting and guiding the life in our communities and organize services.

Eco Programmes:
Human environment today is systematically exploited and destroyed by a few. Eco-spirituality is hence not only an option but also a way of life. Dhyanavana Diploma students are introduced to very many spiritual, social, cultural and ecological ways of ashram life style. These will include eco-prayer, silence, non-violence, kindness to all, gardening, cleanliness, simple house management, water harvesting, energy conservation, waste management etc. These programmes are given due emphasis and priority in this ashram life style.



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